The new BMW 3 Series

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The BMW 3 Series has reached the sixth generation. The career of this premium medium class model has started in 1975. With every new version launched it has consolidated the BMW’s position as one of the best sold cars owned by the manufacturer. The new 3 Series is in trend with the design provided by the Bavarez house reinterpreting in its own way the lines of its brothers: 5 Series and 7 Series.

The new frontal part catches you eye due to the elongated lights which are equipped with a LED technology. Also, the typical grate of the BMW is of large dimensions. The sidewise of the car gives an exceptional visual effect, due to the curved shape of the hood. The back side of the car is a tribute to the big class model offered by the German company, BMW 5 Series.

Not only the esthetic of the new BMW 3 Series is a plus, the manufacturer brings some enhancements in dimensions and exterior. Thus, the future bavarez star from middle class benefits from an extension in length with about 93 mm, longer than the previous one, and a generous chassis with 50 mm extension, for the joy of the passengers. Besides all these the weight of the car has dropped with about 40 kg.

As far as (equipping) is concerned besides the standard version, the options offered by the new generation are: Sport Line, Luxury Line, Modern Line and M Sport package. The comfort of the passengers has been raised by the increased space for the head, with 8 mm bigger than before, as well as a lot of depositary spaces. The interior finishes can vary, from decorations in silver typical for the standard version to the walnut wood decorations.

The base of the car, the engine, is a 328i model with four cylinders for those who run of gas. The car comes with an engine of 2.0 liters and a capacity of 245 horse power. The BMW 328i has a pring of 5.9 km from 0-100 km and its top speed is of 250 km per hour.

For those who want to save money BMW offers them the 320d Efficient Dynamics version which has a consummation of about 4,1 l/100 km, a top speed of 230 km and a pring of 8.0 seconds from 0 km to 100 km.For this version the engine has 163 horse power, less that the model which runs on gas.

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