Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2012

Written by George Steels. Posted in Cars

After months and month of waiting the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2012 has showed its face to the world. The car was launched at the Geneva Motor Show. This impressive model has taken everyone’s breath away through its V 12 engine with a 700 horse power.

The company has gained a reputation for the strange names it gives to it cars. It is said that the name of this model ‘Aventador’ comes from a bull which entered the Saragossa Arena in 1993 to fight and won a title for his great bravery. From this we have made the transition to the car and realized that what Lamborghini meant is that they have the courage to go and compete with a new generation of sports cars. In our days the market has become very high tech and we have noticed a whole lot of competitors entering this it.

The manufacturer has said that the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 represents a transition over two generations as far as technology and design are concerned. For the company this was an entirely new project but is still keep the specific elements of Lamborghini.

As far as dimensions are concerned it is 4.78 m in length, 1.136 in height and 2.26 wide. The the car was designed then engineers wanted to make it as aerodynamic as possible which is why they had to change the normal dimensions of the car. All the elements which help the car become more dynamic are integrated in the shell of the car.

If you want to buy this particular car you will have the possibility to choose from 13 different colors. Here are some of the colors which you can choose from: Arancio Argos, Bianco Canopus, Grigio Estoque and AD Personam. Nowadays a huge pallet of colors has become available to those who want to have a different Lamborghini.

The interior is available in leather only in two colors: Marrone Elpis and the Nero Alde. With these two leather colors we have two styles available: the first one is a combination between the black leather and orange, white, green or yellow and the second one is a combination between the other one offers a combination between different tones of brown.

The engine of the Lamborgini is a V12 with a capacity of 6.5 liters and 700 horse power at a price of $387,000. It has the pring from 0 to 60 mph of 2.9 seconds.

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