Ferrari 458 Spider 2012

Written by George Steels. Posted in Cars

For those who are planning to buy themselves a new care and are thinking of Ferrari we are here to tell you that you should wait for the launch of the Ferrari 458 Spider, a launch which will take place in 2012. The first glance of this new model was presented by the manufacturer at the Frankfurt auto show this year.

The car has specific designs, about three pipe exhaustion’s and a flat nose. For this particular model the manufacturer does not offer a manual transmission for any of the following: 458,Spider and coupe.

Not many modification have been made to this bike, so might say that aside from some small modification it looks just like the coupe. The model has a V 8 engine with a fuel capacity of 4.5 liters. The power of this car is huge, it has about 562 horse power.

The only things which has been changed as far as the design and technology is concerned is the head which has been shaved, the tunning of the suspension and throttle mapping.

According to the manufacturer the 458 Spider has the capacity to reach 62 miles per hour is less than 3.5 seconds after which it can easily go to its top speed which is of 198 miles per hour. The car is also lighter with about 55 pounds.

As all Ferrari cars this one also has a roof which can be folded in record time: 14 seconds. Another interesting thing which the manufacturer claims the car can do concerns the rear window which he says that it is so effective that the passengers can easily converse at 124 miles per hour.

The chassis of the new Ferrari is quite impressive because it has been upgraded in order to ensure stability and rigidity no matter if the roof top is up or down. The downside about the roof top is that unlike the fix one this one is 100 pound heavier.

These are some of the information related to the new 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider. If you want to buy yourself this model you should wait until 2012 to see it. Until then you can go to a Ferrari dealer and ask for more information. It is clearly not going to be a huge success because as we said at the beginning this model is not as new as the manufacturer would like us to believe.

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