2014 Jaguar C-X75

Written by George Steels. Posted in Cars

Jaguar is honored to present the remarkable Jaguar C-X75 Concept car whose production model will be launched in 250 units sometime between 2013 and 2015. The production model will be created in collaboration with the Williams Formula 1 team and it will be, of course, sport-based.

The production Jaguar C-X75 will feature four electric motors, one for each axle, but the super jets in the concept model will be replaced with supercharged 1.6L gasoline engine. The 0 to 60 sprint time of 3 seconds is completed with a 200 mph top speed. It is expected that Jaguar C-X75 will reach more than 800 horsepower.

The majority of exterior elements present on the concept will be the same, but Williams F1 team will help in developing the carbon fiber and other composite materials used for the chassis and body.
The lightweight, rigidly strong structure of Jaguar C-X75 demonstrates that Jaguar succeeds in transferring technology between elite motorsport and road-going production cars. With only 99g/km of C02, this hybrid car is also eco-friendly.

The Jaguar C-X75 is inspired by the legendary XJ13 prototype built in the mid 60s by Jaguar in order to challenge the LeMans team. Even if it never raced, the XJ13 really impressed through its design. Alfred Dunhill, ltd, made an exclusive video explaining the amazing link between the C-X75 and the XJ13.

The jet engine which powered the C-X75 concept has been replaced with a supercharged 1.6L gasoline engine developed in partnership with the Williams F1 team. This engine will be matched to the same four electric motors spotted in the concept version. The C02 emission is only 99g/km, making this hybrid car eco-friendly too.

The car will be available in both left and right-hand-drive versions, while costumers will be able to opt for any color and interior finish.

The C-X75 is regarded as the Jaguar of the future, an ambitious vehicle program ready to set new boundaries. The price tag for this supercar will be between $ 1 million and $1.3 million.

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