2013 Porsche Boxster Spied

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Porches has made it official, it will launch the new Boxster Spied in 2013. This model is the third generation of Boxter and is quite similar to the popular 911. Unlike the other models produced by Porsche for this one they have done a better job at hiding the similarities thus calling it new. One popular link has been made between the 2002 996 911 and the first generation of Boxter and the link was that they have the same front fascias.

The front of the car is similar to the outgoing car but what makes this car special are the slightly slimmer inlets and the intake frown which has been attached to the car upside down. Unlike the previous model which had gentle curves, the new Boxter is more dramatic. What makes the car dramatic are the hard lines. On the S model you can see a beautiful crease which starts at the front wheel, along the rocket and ending just before it reaches the edge of the front door. This crease is there for a reason, it helps at integrating the side port and also is a source of air for the mid mounted power plant. The changes made to the back of the car are not very significant, what the manufacturer added is a more defined spoiler which has LEDs integrates at the tips.

The engine of the car is medium and you can choose between four cylinders and six cylinders. The 2013 Boxter will be launched in March at the Geneva show. Porsche is constantly looking for ways to reduce the weight of it cars because they they are lighter they are faster. For this model the manufacturer has reduced the weight of the car by adding some components made entirely out of aluminum.

For the six cylinder engine we have a power of 270 horse power for the Boxter and for the Boxter S the engine is slightly different since it has 320 horse power. On the other hand there’s the four cylinder engine which has 240 horse power for the standard version and 350 horse power for the turbo version.

The car will be produced in Germany at the VW plant. If you want to take a glance at this beautiful car designed by Porsche stay tune for the 2013 Geneva auto show which will be organized in March.

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