2012 Toyota GT 86

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Toyota has announced its new 2012 Toyota GT 86 model and we could not be more happy to hear this. For this model hundreds of tests have been done in order to make the perfect model. Initially the name of the car was Toyota FT 86 but the producer changed its name in the last second to Toyota GT 86. The official presentation of the model will be done very soon in Tokyo.

The main elements of the Toyota GT 86 are an extremely low platform and a very aerodynamic body. The engine of the car is the same as the one we find on Subaru. The capacity of the engine is of 2.0 liters with a power of 300 hp. For this car costumers will have the possibility to choose between a manual six speed transmission and an automatic one.

If you were wondering how the exterior design is going to look like you will be surprised to find out that the Toyota GT 86 has almost the same design as its predecessor FT-86 II. This means that we have wheels of 17´´, a lower grill, a rear spoiler, two exhausting pipes at the rear and the well-known logo ´ 86´.

Although the exterior has a sporty look the interior is somewhat different, it is more business oriented.
With all this information at hand we are free to say that this model is the car of the year in the sports category. The engineers made a very interesting and successful combination between sports and elegance.

The interior and the exterior of the model are combined perfectly, we have the exterior of the car which is very sporty and then we have the interior which is mostly concentrated on drive focus. On this model we have the possibility to see the smallest steering wheel ever made by Toyota, only 365mm. The front seat is designed to offer great comfort and also to prevent elbows from interfering with the driving.

Under the hood we have a very powerful engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters and the D-4S technology. What this technology does is save fuel and protects the environment at the same time when it is driven at high speed.

So, this is the new Toyota car the 2012 Toyota GT 86 which we are looking forward to test drive as soon as it is put on sale on the market.

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