2012 Porsche 928

Written by George Steels. Posted in Cars

For next year Porch has announced the 2012 Porsche 928 which will be of course a luxury car. According to some specialized magazines Porsche is on the verge to launch a model similar to the first four seat luxury coupe on a sedan, the Panamera which was launched last year. What we are sure about is the fact that the car will have two doors and a V8 engine.

For the moment we cannot give a lot of information because the project has just started but it has been announce that it will it will not be a new 928, not until the economy finds a balance so that people can afford to buy a car. Since the economic crisis everybody has suffered and Porsche is one of them, the sales have drastically dropped since it happened. Having this in mind we are sure that we will not see a new 928 before the one which will be launched in 2012.

The Panamera has a very unique design and most of its components are from Cayenne. Since it is going to be an expensive car it will only be produced in 20.000 for the first year. Even if the model goes well on sales it still will not be able to pay out its debt even if the economy improves. It is likely the company will use its company situated in Germany because it is the place where Panamera and Cayennes are assembled.

As we have told you earlier the 2012 Porsche 928 will have two doors and a 5 inches sliced from the midsection. From what we have seen in the magazines we have also seen a reshaped rear and aft roof line. These and the doors seem to be the only modification that will be made on the exterior of the car. If you want to see what the Porche is going to look like you will have to wait because now only graphic photos are available.

We are sure that as soon as the project reaches the finish we will receive a lot of interior and exterior shots and also a lot of technical information. From what we have heard this will be the model which will try to raise the sales and make more people buy this car. However, in this days nothing is sure which means that we have to wait and see what happens next year at the launch.